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Sept 26, 1983

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UPDATE April 10, 2004 on Carrie's passing. See more on Carrie Snodgress 's life with Neil Young, his songs about her, and their film appearance together in "Journey Through the Past". Several portions of the following article were discredited in Jimmy McDonough's "Shakey" - The Neil Young Biography, however this article is being retained for Carrie's quotes on Neil and their relationship.

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I found this some time ago but since it was so depressing, pretty much one-sided and old news, (the story has since changed) I didn't want to post it. The recent questions concerning Jack Nitzche and Carrie Snodgrass have prompted me to reconsider.

If anyone has more current details concerning this situation.. please post them so as to provide a more complete picture.


Source: People Weekly, Sept 26, 1983 v20 p75(3).
Title: "Mad housewife" Carrie Snodgrass sues rocker Neil Young for support of their handicapped son.
Author: William Plummer
Subjects: Motion picture actors and actresses - Biography Rock musicians - Social aspects
People: Young, Neil - Social aspects Snodgrass, Carrie - Biography Magazine
Collection: 19B4805 Electronic Collection: A2936604AN: A2936604
Full Text COPYRIGHT Time Inc. 1983

See more on Carrie Snodgrass 's life with Neil Young and his songs about her.

Also see more on Carrie Snodgress's appearance in the film Journey Through the Past by Neil Young.

See more on Jack Nitzsche and Neil Young.

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