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  • Oh To Live on Sugar Mountain's Setlist Database & All Things Neil Young

  • "Dead Man" Film Blu-ray Reissue [Criterion Collection] w/ Neil Young Soundtrack

  • The Story Behind The Picture: Neil Young in Nashville 2005 by Danny Clinch

  • INTERVIEW: Stephen Stills and Richie Furay on Buffalo Springfield and "For What It's Worth"

  • The Story of The Audio Restoration Of Neil Young's Human Highway To The Original Director's Cut | The Pro Tools Community

  • 50+ Reasons Why Neil Young's Music Matters

  • Elvis Costello Reforms His First Band, Rusty, For "The Resurrection of Rust" w/ a Neil Young Medley

  • Comment of the Moment: "TOAST": Neil Young's Unreleased 2001 Album w/ Crazy Horse Set for 8th July, 2022

  • More "TOAST": Neil Young Unreleased 2001 Album w/ Crazy Horse Set for 8th July, 2022

  • Ragged Glory #2: "Smell the Horse’" by Neil Young w/ Crazy Horse

  • "Toast" - Neil Young on Unreleased 2001 Album w/ Crazy Horse

  • Graham Nash on Neil Young + Groupies, Feuds, Divorce and Ego | The Guardian

  • Historical Background: Neil Young's Song "Long May You Run"

  • Rustie Pro Tip on Neil Young Archives + Comment of the Moment: Official Bootleg Series

  • Neil Young Bootleg Series Review: Royce Hall, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (1971), & Citizen Kane Jr. Blues | Davy's Cinema Flicks & Music Picks

  • First Impressions: Citizen Kane Jr. Blues by Neil Young | Old Grey Cat

  • RELEASED TODAY - Neil Young's Official Bootleg Series: 1st 3 of 6 | NYA

  • "Live Music Is Better": The Great Guitars @ The Birchmere — 5/3/22

  • A Question on Neil Young Archives & Hi-Res Downloads @ The Greedy Hand

  • 52 Years Later: "Ohio", Kent State & Tin Soldiers Still Marching | #MayTheFOURBeWithYou

  • RELEASED: Neil Young's 1989 "Road of Plenty"/Eldorado EP

  • Comment of the Moment: A "Dream Mix" for Neil Young Archives Vol #3

  • Neil Young: "... Preparing for the studio ..." | NYA

  • Comment of the Moment: What Will Neil Young Archives Vol #3 Contain?

  • NYA Concert Timeline: Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Leipzig, Germany - July 10, 1996

  • Wheat of the Moment: Riding the Dark Horse -- What Neil Young Taught Me About Autism and Fear

  • Kurt Vile on the Influence of Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen | SPIN

  • Tribute to Neil Young: Nashville Helping Nashville - May 28

  • Neil Young: "These songs are enviro-marches" | NYA

  • Thrasher's Wheat Radio 2.0 Podcast - Episode #15 | Archives Vol #3 Preview | Hosted by

  • Neil Young Interviews: "Take my advice, Don't listen to me"

  • Photo of the Moment: Tony Bennett and Neil Young - 2010

  • "Live Music Is Better": Cowboy Junkies @ The Birchmere — 4/10/22

  • INTERVIEW: Neil Young - New Zealand, 1985

  • It Really Is "All One Song"

  • RARE PHOTO: Neil Young - Boston, 1976 - UPDATED

  • Yet Another Attempt To Explain The “Difficult” Neil Young Records | Vinyl Me, Please

  • Comment of the Moment: Buffalo Springfield Reunion - 2010

  • Oh Brother Dan, Where Art Thou?

  • NEW OUTTAKES: "Natural Beauty" and "Inca Queen" | Neil Young Archives

  • Happy 2022 ARC Day!
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    Thrasher's Wheat web site is a harvest of postings from the Neil Young Internet Rusted Highway fan community.

    The music of Neil Young, also known as the Godfather of Grunge and the second most influential singer-songwriter of the 20th 21st century still performing today, is traced from the rusted road to the human highway. You'll find everything you're looking for with Neil Young and Crazy Horse postings archived from 1993 to date including concert reviews, album reviews, interviews, lyrics analysis and more. Starting with the always stunning song "Thrasher". On to other great shows and friends. In the Field of Opportunity, it's plowin' time again. Nothing but fresh wheat as the chaff* has been left behind.

    Happy harvesting and Don't Be Denied!

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