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Neil Young has generated a considerable volume of magazine and newspaper articles and clippings over the years. Most are still in hard copy sitting on shelves. But some great articles have been transcribed by Neil archivists. Here are a few captured as time fades away.

Neil Young discusses making Greendale: By JON PARELES - New York Times - June 15, 2003

Neil Young: A Believer in the Magic of Glitches By JON PARELES New York Times - August 11, 1997

Classic Toy Trains article, January 1996

"MOJO" Magazine article, December '95

David Briggs, Neil's Producer, Obituary, NY Times, 12/3/95

Neil Young part of group purchasing Lionel Trains - September 26, 1995

Neil Young: All My Changes Were There - Tucson Weekly, 8/95

Out of the Black by Ben Thompson - 1994

Classic Toy Trains - March 1993

LIKE A HURRICANE -"Guitare and Claviers" April 1992 (Article translated from French Magazine)

Fucking Up with NEIL YOUNG - Interview by Jimmy McDonough, Village Voice Winter 1989

Expecting To Fly: The Buffalo Springfield Story - by Mat Snow, ~1987

Carrie Snodgrass - People Weekly - 9/26/83

"NEIL YOUNG" Book Chapter by Dave Marsh:~1979

"How To Stay Young" - Bob Dylan & Neil Young on Tour by Tony Schwartz - Newsweek Magazine, November 13, 1978

Neil Young - As Good As Dylan? by John Rockwell - New York Times, June 19, 1977


Rock-and-roll groundhog: A NEW MOVIE AND A NEW ALBUM SIGNAL A SHIFT IN THE CAREER OF NEIL YOUNG, By Janet Maslin, New Times, ~1973

University of Oregon Newspaper - January 10, 1971.

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