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Young's still the master
Glasgow - 06/15/2001
Scottish Daily Record

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Young's still the master
Scottish Daily Record
(Copyright 2001)
SECC, Glasgow
   THERE are few true musical legends left - and many of them have
sacrificed their musical integrity on the altar of cash cow comeback

   Then there is Neil Young, a man for whom the last 35 years have
been a constant search for artistic development.

   He is a huge physical presence on stage, towering above Frank
Sampedro (guitar), Billy Talbot (bass) and drummer Ralph Molina.

   The set opened with Don't Cry No Tears and the classic Crazy Horse
sound filled the arena. Attention Shoppers introduced Young's rant
against consumerism and in Piece Of Crap we had the first insight
into the anger and political belief which drives much of Young's

   New song Going Home was truly incredible and it was followed by
one of the highlights of the night, another as yet unreleased track,
When I Hold You In My Arms. By now the atmosphere was emotional and
it was a perfect point for Crazy Horse to exit,leaving Young
accompanied only by the whine of his mouth organ to perform an
acoustic set.

   After the Goldrush was played on a pump organ, lending it an even
greater beauty that it has on disc, before Crazy Horse joined Young
during the last chorus of Only Love Can Break Your Heart. Hey Hey My
My was full on rock, the power of the guitars matched by the fervour
of Young's vocals.

   Don't Let It Bring You Down was filled with searing, unrelenting
fury, while a five-minute section of Like A Hurricane was a wall of
feedback and white noise.

   If there can be any criticism it must be that there was the faint
whiff of self-indulgence on this track as the keyboard was lowered
from the rafters.

   The encore was a blistering F****n' Up, made all the more
interesting by an altercation between bass player and guitarist - the
possible reason that the encore consisted of only this number.

   Neil Young is a man of personal and musical integrity and as
support band, the ironically named UnAmerican put it: "He's the

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