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Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 08:45:47 -0500 (EST)
From: Steve Peck <>
To: human_highway <>
Subject: HH: 1973 Tour

Unfortunately, I did not see any of the 1973 shows.  I didn't first
get into Neil until the summer of 1974.  However, I did have quite a
surreal experience listening to my first tape of one of '73 concerts...

In late 1993, my ex and I had our second son, and I was doing my stint of
feeding the little guy in the middle of the night.  That afternoon I had
just gotten the 3/2/73 St. Petersburg show in the mail (thanx Dave
Skoglund), and hadn't had a chance to listen to it yet.  Sometimes during
those feedings, I would do anything to keep myself awake, so that night I
popped the tape in the deck, and turned it on low, low, low, not to
disturb little Danny and the rest of the family.  All the lights were off
in the family room, and hissy, muffled, quiet sounds of this multi-multi
gen tape came creepily and spookily drifting out, intoxicating me with
strange variations of songs from "Time Fades Away" and "Harvest."  Words
cannot adequately describe this very surreal experience...  It was like
being stoned, but not quite...  It was like dreaming, but not quite...  In
the morning, I wondered if it really happened......

I love TFA.  It is one of my all-time favorites.  David Skoglund once
commented on it's "edgy nervousness" (or something like that), and it is
so accurate.  I remember buying it after "Harvest," and thinking what in
the f*&k is this?  I soon came to love it, and have always promised myself
it would be the first Neil vinyl I would replace when it came out on CD.
And this still holds true.  I still haven't replaced any of my old Neil
vinyl. I am waiting for TFA, and waiting, and waiting...  Hell, the old
records still sound OK, snap, crackle, pop...


"Like a comet painted on the sky
 Like an old soul
 Over darkness you'll fly"

   -- Neil Young

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