Harvest Moon

by Neil Young

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Neil Young's 1992 "Harvest Moon" is the followup to his most commercially successful album "Harvest" - 20 years later.

"Harvest Moon" was recorded with many of the same original musicians who appeared on "Harvest", such as Ben Keith, on pedal steel guitar, and Linda Rondstadt and James Taylor on backing vocals. The intentional sequel nature of "Harvest Moon" created high expectations which for the most part were fulfilled. The album was accompanied with music videos and extensive interviews. All indicators of both the record label Reprise's support and even the normally reticent Young himself.

On a Canadian radio interview, Young denied that 'Harvest Moon' was a sequel to 'Harvest':

From a Harvest Moon review in FUNHOUSE!:

But not all fans agreee that "Harvest Moon" is one of Neil's finest albums. Dave Sigler writes in a Harvest Moon album review :

From a Jack Feeny review:

From a review on Nude as the News by Ben French:

From a review onQ Music Magazine by Mark Cooper:

From RollingStone.com on comparing "Harvest Moon" and "Harvest":

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