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For The Turnstiles (or "This $'s From You)

UPDATED: Fans favorite Neil Young albums and best sellers

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There's a lot of information on Neil Young's albums and CDs. A good place to start is the Neil Young discography for a complete listing of releases. Also, see the Neil Young Album Reviews page for critical discussion. Analysis of lyrics is always thought provoking.

And folks always seem to be interested in how well Neil is doing in the sales department. With a vast back catalog, it would seem quite well indeed.

Here's a few album sales figures for Neil according to Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time:

It is interesting to note how wide the range of sales are of what are considered to be Neil's best work. While one can argue the merits of Harvest and Tonights The Night, it's quite remarkable that Harvest has outsold TTN almost 8:1. Critically speaking, most would agree that Harvest is nowhere near 8 times as good as TTN. Many would argue the sales figures reflect the exact opposite of critical praise and longevity of status.

Billboard rankings for Neil Albums

From a rust post by tom "my old corvette" on the :Gold & Platinum Billboard Book - 1990":

** Highest charting

Greendale Sales

  • Here at Thrasher's Wheat we do get the occasional email. A couple of mails over the past few months have been inquiring about the sales figures for the Greendale CD. Well, it seems to be hard to come by reliable CD sales figures these days. I suppose the record industry doesn't have much good news on the revenue side these days.

    So the best info that Thrasher is aware of comes from of all places -- Amazon. It's actually pretty fascinating what Amazon collects and then makes available on their site. (Caution: Privacy Alert ahead.)

    From Neil Young News in April 2004, according to, Greendale is ranked #139 in all album sales. Not too bad for an record that's been out 8 months.

    And you can even find out where Greendale record sales are the strongest:

    It looks like the tour helped Greendale sales because before the tour started, Greendale was ranked #392 in early February. Of course, not that Neil really cares about these sorts of things...

    While we're on the subject, here are the top 5 selling Neil Young albums on Amazon:

    Lastly, for those that need to know all about the turnstiles, this from SUITE: LORRAINE.COM from POLLSTAR on the top 100 tours of 2003, Neil Young and Crazy Horse were # 47 & CSN logged in at #59. Here's Neil's Greendale concert tour gross data:

    ARTIST: Neil Young
    RANK: 47
    GROSS: $12.7 million
    AVG TIX PRICE: $49.32
    AVG SALES: 6602
    TOTAL TIX SOLD: 257,502
    AVG GROSS: $325,641

    And here's some Box Office mojo for Neil Young, 03/17/04 to 03/20/04 at Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY by Radio City Entertainment/Clear Channel Entertainment, from CelebrityAccess:

    Gross: $1,601,710
    Capacity: 17,873
    Sold: 17,594
    Shows: 3
    Sellouts: 0
    Percentage: 98.4%
    Average Ticket Sale: $91.03

    And that's For The Turnstiles. More on Greendale album sales.

    UPDATED: Fans favorite Neil Young albums and best sellers

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